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Hear what clients are saying:

"Thanks to your insightful program, I have reached my goals in personal development and am enjoying a quality of life that I never thought I could. It has made a huge impact in every area of my life."
PS, Branch Manager, Credit Suisse, Basel, Switzerland

"Teresa, you did the work that other psychologists and marriage counselors have failed to do for the past eight years. I now have a completely different understanding of my ex-wife, and this is helping my relationship with her, as well as our children. I cannot wait for you to help others like you have helped me. Men need this work."
WS, VP Marketing, Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA

"Looking back over my dating history, when I began with Teresa, I had no idea how to select or date a woman. Teresa showed me how to screen prospective dates and navigate the crazy maze of my love life. I had patterns which she successfully brought to a halt and I feel more relaxed and skilled as I learn to attract and keep the Love of my Life. She also helped me develop the skills to leave a firm I was in for five years and going no where and get placed in a major firm in New York. She is a powerhouse with a charming personality".
JN, CPA, Katzman & Weinberg, Long Island, NY

"I was completely at a stand-still and you used interesting techniques that quickly shifted things for me. I was amazed at the results. I had no progress for over six months, and with the techniques recommended by Teresa, that literally changed over night. As the weeks go by, I have a clearer picture of what I am really working on to achieve my next goals."
MT, Pharmaceutical Researcher, Redwood City, CA

"Teresa, it is only been six months working with you, and I have reached my goals! I could never have done this without your insight and support. You are amazing. I'm letting both my friends and colleagues about your services."
SH, Psychiatrist, Napa, CA

"Teresa is not licensed, but I feel she's the best therapist I've ever worked with. As a therapist myself, for the past 25 years, I am very impressed with her grasp of human nature and personal transformation techniques. I've reached a new level of self-awareness with her help and recognize a much deeper potential for my life."
Mikial, Marriage & Family Therapist, San Diego, CA

"You go, girl! How I love this new identity! You have connected me with a higher frequency on my radio dial, if you know what I mean. All my friends want to talk with you, too. I am relaxing into my core essence, and I would not have had a clue without your guidance. It sounded easier than it was, and your guidance made all the difference. "
SQ, Department of Education, Seattle, CA


1. EXECUTIVE RETREAT – Scotts Valley, CA – Interpersonal Skills
2. EXECUTIVE RETREAT – Grasse, France – Creativity Development
3. EXECUTIVE COACHING – CEO, – London – Sales Training
4. EXECUTIVE COACHING – Psychiatrist – Napa – Personal Growth
5. EXECUTIVE COACHING – VP, Credit Suisse – Basel – Work-Life Balance
6. TEAM BUILDING – Pacific Bell – SF, CA – Communications Seminar
7. CORPORATE FENG SHUI – Tamalpais Clinic – Marin, CA – Renovation
8. CORPORATE FENG SHUI – Sun Microsystems – CA – Product Design

Scotts Valley, CA – Interpersonal Skills Training
Client: Open to Public

AXIS COMMAND GROUP produced a spa retreat at a beautiful private estate in Northern California. This retreat was available for men and women interested in personal growth issues pertaining to relationship skills, both professional and personal. Each person had time to relax in a multi-acre estate, complete with pool, gardens, and gourmet vegetarian cuisine. Guests arrived in late morning, and the retreat began at noon. Each participant had a journal to record insights gathered during the retreat.

Meditation, both sitting and walking, proved to be a key component of this retreat. A balanced approached worked well, offering guests time to interact during the workshop phase, as well as enjoy alone time, and receive both traditional and transformational spa treatments, including therapeutic massage, aromatherapy, life coaching, tea ceremony, and weight training. The array of guest options proved to be a success. Both men and women enjoyed the variety, as attention spans were keenly monitored.

The result was an overwhelming approval rating. All the individuals present said they were interested in attending more spa retreats if they included the personal growth activities, as provided during this retreat. AXIS COMMAND GROUP has a mailing list of more than 3000 people who specifically are interested in personal transformation services and events.

All attendees reported that they left the retreat feeling more empowered to create more fulfilling relationships, achieve goals that had been specifically clarified, and looked forward to applying their new techniques and strategies for success. The results seemed to be lasting for more than half of the attendees. Two out of ten opted for on-going one-on-one coaching afterwards.

The key to this, and other spa retreats for the general spa market, seem to be the variety of options, the standard of cleanliness, the professional and warm demeanor of staff, and the group time. People really enjoyed having a forum where they could both listen to others insights and challenges as well as get attention for their own trials and solutions.

Grasse, France – Creativity Development
Client: Private Group of Friends

AXIS COMMAND GROUP was asked to facilitate a spa retreat at a beautiful chateau in Southern France. This retreat was available for a private party of wealthy men and women, who were guests of the son of a real, live Baron! This was quite exciting for us. These young people ranged in ages from 18-40, and were quite the sports people. Some had made a motorcycle journey from Africa. Others flew in, and others took trains or were driven by car.

The chateau had 13 bedrooms, each exquisitely appointed. A private chef was hired for the week. Gardeners maintained the grounds, which had acres of gardens, pools, outdoor living areas, as well as orchards. Again, each person had ample alone time to balance the group activity. Cowboy music woke everyone early each morning. Then swimming, yoga, and dance sub-groups were organized. Breakfast, and every meal, was at a long banquet table seating the entire group of 26 persons.

When people weren’t eating, playing, in workshop, or engaged in sports, there was always time to walk in the quaint villages, or even steal away to the nearby Mediterranean. For the entire week, guests were encouraged to discover his or her own secrets to creative development. Though there were numerous sources of inspiration, each person was asked to observe how their own creative process felt most nurtured and substantiate conclusions with concrete results.

Again, meditation, both sitting and walking, proved to be a key component for the success of this retreat. A balanced approached was again used, offering guests time to interact during the workshop phase, as well as enjoy alone time, and receive both traditional and transformational spa treatments, including therapeutic massage, manicures and pedicures, facials, aromatherapy, private yoga and dance instruction, tea ceremony, and voice coaching.

This retreat was a huge success, despite the discriminating tastes of guests who attended. Coming from privileged backgrounds, they seemed to prefer a low-key approach, very unassuming, yet still wanted quality to pervade any service or product used. Again, all the individuals present said they were interested in attending more spa retreats. AXIS COMMAND GROUP looks forward to more international events.

"Teresa, in such a beautiful environment, you were completely gracious and a lot of fun. You brought thought-provoking methods that became profound journeys into our creative process."
CB, CEO, Guy LaRoche, Grasse, France

London – Sales Training

Teresa Ann Foxworthy coached the CEO of XDEEP.COM, a mobile phone company. The goal was to effect positive change in the area of sales strategies and communication skills. Turning objections into sales was elegantly accomplished with some key tactics.

The first goal was to train the executive to relax before making calls so that irritations were eliminated, and clients’ concerns could be addressed with an air of real concern and ability. This proved immediately effective, as the executive discovered how personal stress management was central to successful calls.

Changes were immediately implemented and our client was thrilled. We must of course credit his willingness to learn and his quick grasp of the concepts put before him.

These topics are of interest to most businesses, as successful sales are the name of the game. What we must add is the imperative nature of quality control and customer follow-up to ensure lasting business accounts.

After this brief training, sales for the company turned around and the executive continued to develop more strategic and lasting professional relationships.

"Teresa, in one afternoon, you pulled me through a slump and got me back on top of my game! Thank you for your insight and support. You are impressive. I definitely recommend your professional services."
TL, CEO,, London, UK

Napa – Personal Growth
Client: Psychiatrist

Teresa Ann Foxworthy coached a child psychiatrist from the wine country of Northern California. Desiring coaching in relationship skills in her personal life, this professional was noticing an effect on her business by not having a more fulfilling personal life. This is an often, unmentioned epidemic of the corporate world as well. In order to enjoy lasting and fulfilling success, it seems that people need to be more well-rounded in their endeavors. Workaholics are not happy people. Their stress levels tend to be higher and their working life can often be a veneer over a low-grade, if not stronger, condition of depression.

Fortunately, this client was not one of the more burdened professionals that we encounter, yet her dilemma was nonetheless very tangible and impacting her day-to-day world. It affected her bottom line financially and coloured her perception of the world. After six months of coaching, she was engaged to be married. Ms. Foxworthy was delighted to attend the wedding and has followed-up to continue coaching options that are elected.

This is a great example of the importance of personal transformation coaching for professionals. Within one month, her business was more organized since she felt she had a plan in place for her personal concerns. In one year, her life had never felt better.

"Teresa, it’s only been six months working with you, and I am engaged to be married! I could never have done this without your insight and support. You are amazing. The invitation to our wedding will be arriving soon, I want you to be there."
SH, Psychiatrist, Napa, CA

Basel, Switezerland – Personal Growth
Client: Credit Suisse

Over a period of several months, a top-level executive for the Credit Suisse company in Switzerland maintained regular weekly appointments to focus on areas of personal growth which directly impacted his professional life. Whether by phone, or in-person, as recommended, this executive would have one-to-three hour coaching sessions to discuss and strategize various topics, including: multi-cultural differences between American and European business practices and social customs, interpersonal communication skills, as well as self-care, work-life balance, and spiritual development and its impact on professional success.

During those months, the client was clearly a willing participant to brainstorm ideas that would help his situation. Being a very results-oriented executive, he and his coach quickly identified the goals and outlined possible courses of action. What became interesting for someone of this functioning level was the importance to take time to really do some “soul searching”, rather than leap into situations having only his single-mindedness as his only asset.

The importance of developing commonsense, and yes, wisdom, became fertile topics, and strategic methods to handle new clients, difficult employees, transitioning superiors, overwhelming workloads, and cultural barriers. The ironic solution to being overwhelmed was to actually slow down in the face of adversity long enough to reduce the stress that interfered with clear thinking and effective solutions.

Commitment to the process early on was a significant turning point for this client. Signing up for a minimum of three months, at least one hour per week, gave him a sense that he was in control of his process and progress, as well as the feeling that he did not have to do everything in a vacuum without external resources and valuable support.

"I've learned so much from you that applies to both my professional and personal life. I will never forget the work we did together. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."
PS, Floating Troubleshooter, Credit Suisse, Zurich, Switzerland

Case Study #6 - TEAM BUILDING
SF, CA – Communications Seminar
Client: AT&T

For an afternoon teambuilding event, my colleague and I went to the San Francisco corporate headquarters for AT&T. It was a dreary day outside and it seemed as if that helped people open up about their gripes and concerns in the area of team development. We focused primarily on communication skills with a group of mid-level managers who found that they needed to have more efficient dialogue amongst themselves to more effectively work together. With strict deadlines, policies, and quarterly reviews, they were all feeling the crunch.

During a role-playing session, we were able to simulate the exact types of issues that were recurring in their larger team framework. In a span of four hours, we create a circle dialogue where each person brought up key concerns. Based on which concerns had the most votes, we focused on those first. As a result, the team found a more cohesive framework and methodology. Order was created out of chaos. Most interesting was the fact that in a safe, non-judgmental, “brain-storming” atmosphere, the solutions just rose to the surface almost effortlessly. The team just needed a forum to encourage an open discussion.

Everyone thought the day was a success. Follow-up sessions proved this to be the case as well. Ideas that were brought up repeatedly were “corporate wellness”, “extreme self-care”, “stream-lined communications”, and “group dynamics”. We broke down the ideas in a timeline fashion and saw where communication broke down for the individuals, as well as for the group. Finding remedies were then much easier to apply.

"You've taught me more than I can say. Your elegant manner doesn't prevent you from being direct and on target. You are patient, and yet apply the right amount of pressure to keep the ball moving forward. It's been a pleasure working with you."
LS, Systems Engineer, Alere, Tiburon, California

Marin, CA – Clinic Design
Client: Tamalpais Clinic

As director of his own clinic, Dr. Steven Cutler was looking for ways to improve his business – for himself, his clients, and his staff. Ms. Foxworthy met on a couple occasions to gather information about his vision for his clinic and for Ms. Foxworthy to get clear on budgetary concerns for the array of options she imagined. Then, once the logistics were clarified, she set to develop a 70-page proposal and guidebook. This way the ideas could be implemented as time and money allowed. Priorities were laid out and the guidebook provided information for future reference.

Again, we began from the street, observing the location from a distance, the sign, the walkway. Then, the reception area showed areas of concern for the clients as well as the staff. Client rooms were then easy to design. The Doctor’s office was placed furthest from the front door, positioning him in his most auspicious location and direction.

As usual, colors, elements, layout, room assignments and other key criteria were employed for a final effect that kept more clients coming, as they felt very at ease being there. The clinic began a tremendous place of networking and word of mouth spread very quickly. The total time invested in consulting, calculating, and implementing took several months, but was well worth the investment of time and money. When the Doctor decided it was time to sell his clinic, he garnered a handsome some for all of his investments.

"Teresa, your consultation was so professional. The report you submitted was a book in itself. I now have a veritable reference manual for my medical office. My staff enjoys the improvements that you suggested. You know so much, you have so much to offer, I hope that more and more people learn about your talents and benefit from them."
SC, Director, Tamalpais Pain Clinic, Corte Madera, CA

Redwood City, CA - Product Design
Client: Sun MicroSystems

Award-winning, Senior Designers brought in AXIS COMMAND GROUP’s Feng Shui Consultant, Teresa Ann Foxworthy for their latest product design project: a new personal computer “tower”. As a half-day assignment, this project used traditional feng shui design principles to enhance the end users experience, and improve the overall production, distribution, and application process.

Using the formulas from the key feng shui schools, Form, Compass, Black Hat, and Lo Shu, Ms. Foxworthy’s Holistic Feng Shui recommendations were implemented. The product shape, color, placement of operating dials and knobs, and other primary design features rendered a highly functional and aesthetic composite for review by the other design and management team members.

Keeping up with industry standards is always important, especially in the fast-paced technology field. Creating new benchmarks is even more estimable. Using ancient techniques for contemporary solutions is an often overlooked but ultimately rewarding approach to modern business practices.

The designers were not the only ones who enjoyed the feng shui design strategies. Management decision-makers and fellow designers were both impressed with what the designers did with the feng shui principles for this new line of personal computers.

"This was a very clever approach to the challenge of our new tower design. Very professional and insightful consultation! We look forward to having you back for more."
JL, Lead Designer, Sun Microsystems, Redwood City, CA


"You've taught me more than I can say. Your elegant manner doesn't prevent you from being direct and on target. You are patient, and yet apply the right amount of pressure to keep the ball moving forward. It's been a pleasure working with you."
LS, Systems Engineer, Alere, Tiburon, California

"You spoke exactly to my issues and led me through a fun and yet powerful process to a place where I can clearly and elegantly reclaim my truth, power, beauty and dignity."
ME, Marriage, Family Therapist, San Rafael, CA

"Teresa, in one afternoon, you pulled me through a slump and got me back on top of my game! Thank you for your insight and support. You are impressive. I definitely recommend your professional services."
TL, CEO,, London, UK

"Very professional and insightful! We look forward to having you back for more."
KW, Lead Designer, Sun Microsystems, Redwood City, CA

"You articulated the problems we're dealing with and gave insight into their solutions, yet we'd never met you before!"
GR, Architect, San Francisco, CA

"You have the energy of twenty coaches and the insight of a hundred. You've got the bull by the horns! Thank you for all the gems you've shared."
NC, Retired Teacher, Baltimore, MD

"We were losing thousands and you pointed out simple remedies that were as elegant as they were effective."
C & ML, Alternative Energy Researchers, Greenbrae, CA

"The reading you did for my daughter was fabulous. I just put a check in the mail for you to do me now! You are really gifted."
LB, Minister, Tampa, FL

"I couldn't believe after all these years that you were able to help me clear those blocks! It's been months, and I still feel great."
MM, Homemaker, Sacramento, CA

"You're really, really good at what you do. After eight months of working with you, I have a completely new understanding of relationships and how to pursue them. With this new perspective, I am re-organizing my life. Your presence is powerful and soothing, your voice is calming. The open format allowed me the safety to open up and get help for these issues. Now that I've vented decades of repressed feelings, my goal achievement process is a breeze."
RC, Land Developer, Petaluma, CA

"Teresa, your consultation was so professional. The report you submitted was a book in itself. I now have a veritable reference manual for my medical office. My staff enjoys the improvements that you suggested. You know so much, you have so much to offer, I hope that more and more people learn about your talents and benefit from them."
SC, Chiropractor, Corte Madera, CA


AXIS COMMAND GROUP is a private consulting firm with many resources for the corporate environment. Executive coaching, team building, spa retreats, business development strategies, and feng shui design techniques are examples of how today’s business people are gaining or maintaining a competitive edge in their marketplace.

New topics in goal management like work-life balance, interpersonal skills, self-care, creativity, environmental harmony, as well as traditional professional concerns, such as sales training, team building, communication skills, and business development, are all addressed by AXIS COMMAND GROUP and our range of consulting services.

These services are offered in a variety of formats, including one-on-one consultations, half-day and full-day events, as well as weekend and week-long retreats. To discuss your particular needs, we recommend starting with a complimentary consultation to review criteria and options. Business Coaching & Consulting, CEO Coaching, Executive Coaching, Executive Coaching Services, Executive Business Coaching, Executive Personal Coaching, Executive Coaching Consultants, Executive Coaching Services, Executive Leadership Coaching, Internet Marketing Consulting, Leadership Executive Coaching, Marketing & PR Consulting, Medical Executive Leadership Coaching, Organizational & Executive Development, Powerpoint Presentations & Coaching, Sales & Marketing Consulting, Small Business Marketing Consulting, Team Building, Hotel Executive Leadership Coaching, Technology Executive Leadership Coaching, Banking Executive Leadership Coaching, Music Executive Leadership Coaching, Film Executive Leadership Coaching, Entertainment Executive Leadership Coaching, Publishing Executive Leadership Coaching, Law Executive Leadership Coaching, Legal Executive Leadership Coaching, Hospital Executive Leadership Coaching, International Executive Leadership Coaching,


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